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I heard this story from Israeli soldiers that were deployed in the Gaza strip in tense times before Israel’s withdrawal from it: Their commander updated them about the provisions for opening fire. You’re not allowed to open fire at Palestinians unless they pose a threat for you. For example, continued the commander, if you see at night some short figure it is probably a child and you’re not allow to shoot at him. But you can also think that this short figure is a terrorist that intentionally walks with his back bent to try to hide from you – the fact that he tries to hide is a good reason to shoot him.

So all that is required from the Israeli soldiers is some level of imagination and creative thinking… On October 5, 2004 some Israeli soldiers positioned in Rafah saw a 13 year old girl, Iman Al-Hams, walking near their post, carrying a big school-bag.

Iman Al-Hams, shot at the age of 13 for carrying a school bag

Iman Al-Hams, shot at the age of 13 for carrying a school bag

They imagined that if her school bag was full of explosives it could be a deadly danger, and shot her dead. Her bag was, of course, full of school books.

Arab Hunting Season

In regular times Israel is trying to build its image as “The Start-Up Nation” and is mostly engaged in Ethnic Cleansing, building illegal Jewish settlement on robbed Arab land, in the 1967 occupied West Bank and in the 1948 occupied Naqab, Triangle and Galilee.

But these are tense times and now the main Israeli sport is Lynching Arabs in the public space. Over the past couple of weeks some 20 Arabs were killed by Israeli PPP – Private Public Partnership – in incidents spread over all of the country, where security personnel and civilians cooperate in spotting Arabs, deciding that they are “dangerous” and Lynching them on the spot. Many more Arabs were beaten and/or shot-at, wounded and/or arrested in similar circumstances. In most incidents no Jews were hurt and the Palestinians were not armed in any way.

Fadi Aloun

Fadi Aloun

Marah Al-Bakri

Marah Al-Bakri

An “old style” massacre of Palestinian civilian is also going on near the fences of the Gaza “open air prison” where unarmed demonstrators are defined by the Israeli army as “dangerous” and shot at. Israeli air force also took part by bombing and killing a mother and her young daughter.

Media Cooperation

The Israeli media, even its few liberal publications, typically go along with the hysteric Arab bashing that justifies the Lynch. Every Arab victim is described as a terrorist and the news about the victim “holding a Knife” is cited uncritically. Contrary evidence, like the all ubiquitous video films, is only mentioned as “after thought” and “doubts” in some opinion columns.

One example is how Haaretz mentioned that one reason for the tension between Palestinian citizens of Israel is the videos that show what looks like unjustified shootings of Palestinians, like the case of Israa ‘Abed from Nazareth, a 30 years old mother and a Master student of Genetic engineering in the Technion, that was shot in Afula on her way back home. So, the suspicion that Israa was shot for no reason is not “news” – nothing that should be investigated – it is worth mentioning only as background for the new danger of Arab protests…

False Positives

One simple way to assess how many faked accusations are framed on Arab victims is the recurrence of “False Positives” that are reported in the Israeli press. From time to time the mob picks by mistake an Arab-looking Jewish victim. In all these cases the Israeli media report, in the end, the simple fact that there was no base for the accusations. It never occurs when Arabs are victimized.

Jewish famous fears

Israel is making a career of describing itself as a victim, justifying any crime against the Palestinians by its fear for itself and its Jewish citizens.

In spite of all the recent hysteria in the Israeli media – I simply don’t buy it.

If I had a neighbor that I was afraid of – I would neither let my dog shit on his door, nor let my children play in his garden and destroy it.

Israel is deliberately pushing its civilians into every Palestinian area, beyond all its “security fences”, to grab and settle on robbed Palestinian lands and to pray in Al-Aqsa mosque, the holiest Muslim shrine in Palestine. All these are well planned provocations designed to create havoc and more reasons for killing Palestinians, expropriating them and ultimately pushing them altogether out of Palestine.

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Israel was always a nasty place, with blatant racism, discrimination, occupation and war…

But lynching people in the streets is justifiably regarded as one of the nastiest habits in history, and now it became a national sport in Israel.

Since I wrote this small piece about “The Lynch-Up Nation” on last Tuesday – things are getting even worse. Some 4 Arabs were lynched just yesterday (Saturday 17/10) – and one Jew from Bat Yam was also executed in the street by trigger happy police in similar circumstances. Of course – only in the case of killing a Jew we hear the standard announcement that “the circumstances of the killing will be investigated”. The concept of an innocent Arab victim simply doesn’t exist in the Israeli sphere: Media, Police, courts, etc. To say nothing about almost ALL Zionist parties which compete in incitement for more killings.

Please spread the word and help to denounce and expose those murderous acts.

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Monday, October 19, 2015

In a shocking video, you can see how a bloodthirsty and hysterical mob lynched Habtum Zarhum, an Eritrean asylum seekers who had been shot accidentally at the scene of the attack in Beersheba (where a Palestinian previously killed an Israeli soldier), and tried to smash his skull with a heavy bench as he lay bleeding on the floor. He died from his wounds.

Will anybody ever be punished? If he was a Palestinian Arab they would have been all praised, his house would be destroyed and his family will be harassed…