About Free Haifa

All my adult life, working for freedom and social justice was my top priority. Living in Palestine, it means, first and foremost, participating in the struggle of the Palestinian people against Israeli Apartheid. For the last 30 years or so, I do it as a member of the Abna elBalad movement – a left Palestinian nationalist movement active in those parts of Palestine that are occupied since 1948.

When the Arab Spring started, it was like a dream comes true. For so many years we were saying that only the force of the mass struggle can get the Arab World out of the grip of Imperialism, Zionism and Reactionary Arab dictatorships (even if some called themselves socialists republics).  We waited so long and at last the revolution was knocking on our door.

But the revolution for us is not only fulfillment of dreams, theories and expectations. It is also the biggest school to learn from. The Arab Spring resembles the big historic democratic revolutions, from the French revolution of 1789 to the Russian revolution of 1917. But it is also the first big revolution of our new globalized inter-connected world. It is the first revolution where ordinary people used the power of digital decentralized mass media to take on centralized oppressive order.

The “Free Haifa” blog is, basically, just one of a million new spaces which opened to develop and display the thinking of the Arab revolution. Well, being in Haifa, the revolution is not here yet, but we breathe, eat and drink it by the hour. Writing in English but reading Arabic, coming from a westernized leftist school of thought, I hope I may help some in the international left to get to grip with the spirit of this revolution.

Of course, we also carry on the fight to get rid of Zionism, bring back the Palestinian refugees and establish a democratic state in a unified free Palestine. So “Free Haifa” is also a stage for the ODS movement.

Having the Arab Revolution just here doesn’t leave us much time to look around for what is going on in the world – but it is all part of the global struggle of Humanity for a better world. As there are so many more experiences of Socialism of all sorts, it looks like our political understanding of this struggle is not consolidating but disintegrating. So we all should contribute to the effort to sort out the accumulating experience in order to make our next moves at least a learned gamble, if not scientifically planned.

For the main path of my (mostly local) political activity, I also opened Arabic Free Haifa and Hebrew Free Haifa blogs. Most of the contents are not translated, so if you know Arabic or Hebrew you may find many original posts there.

Through the years of political activity you meet the most amazing people and encounter some really good stories. Not all of it is pure politics – but there are many stories worth telling, some of them really funny. In order to keep Free Haifa completely serious – I opened another blog for those stories: Free Haifa Extra (it is in English).

And, by the way, there are some Spanish Articles in Free Haifa.

For a short personal political history of the writer you may look at the first post on this blog.

For direct contact you may email me at yoav.haifawi@gmail.com

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