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The “One Democratic State Campaign” issued the following statement on January 29, 2020, following the announcement of the new project of the US imperialist administration aimed to liquidate Palestinian national rights, called the “Deal of the Century”.

You may find the original Arabic text of this declaration here. It was also published in Hebrew here.

The time has come

The Palestinian national movement did not have to wait to know the details of the colonial scheme, which the president of the American Empire began to promote since he took power, in order to realize the gravity of this plan for Palestine, its people and the entire region. Its most dangerous chapters were implemented earlier, including the transfer of the American embassy to Jerusalem, actions against the rights of the Palestinian refugees, and legitimizing Israeli settlements on stolen Palestinian land.

With this plan, the administration of American imperialism dealt the ultimate blow to the delusion of the two-state solution. The Palestinian Oslo leadership continued to adhere to this illusion, in many ways contrary to the principles of the struggle for national liberation, including accepting the role of proxy for the Zionist occupation and colonization and abandoning the refugees and the 48 Palestinians. They didn’t prepare the people for the popular struggle to confront the settlement project which, after invading the territories occupied in 1948, has invaded all of the West Bank including Jerusalem.

The American Zionist colonial scheme is based on the existence of one state – Israel – between the sea and the river, while the 13 million Palestinians – the owners of the land, half of whom were expelled by the Zionist movement – are destined for eternal exile and eternal slavery in the colonial entity.

This reality did not arise overnight, nor is it simply the result of the dynamics of the Zionist expansionist project. It was created according to prior decisions adopted, on varying levels, by all the successive leaders of the entity over the years. The Palestinian state, in the concept of the disappearing Zionist left, within the framework of the inherently unfair two-state solution, was only a form of self-rule within the framework of Zionist control over all the land throughout Palestine. Yitzhak Rabin expressed this concept by his saying “less than a state and more than an autonomy.”

The new American administration, headed by right-wing populist businessman Donald Trump, identified an opportunity to perpetuate the colonial reality that Israel forced on the Palestinians, through a political scheme based on occupation and extinction. They try to utilize for their goals Palestinian weakness, the disastrous fragmentation of the Palestinian people and the divisions between the Palestinian leaderships, the severe crisis affecting the Arab world and the cooperation or silence of other international forces. This program is a continuation of the extermination policy against the indigenous peoples carried by the United States and other colonial states over the past three centuries.

The fate of the Palestinians will not be the same as that of the indigenous peoples in the USA or other peoples that were destroyed by the Western colonialists physically and culturally. The Palestinians remain on the ground and announce their categorical rejection of this imperialist project, and time and again they choose the path of resistance. The Palestinians are part of the Arab region, demographically and geographically, and their struggle for their rights is embraced by freedom-seekers all over the world. This is how they, not external forces, will determine their own destiny.

Many peoples in the world succeeded in defeating and toppling colonial regimes, the last of which being South Africa’s experience. The change takes place as the liberation movements embrace a clear vision of liberation and a human and moral message. They unite the oppressed people, mobilize the support of world public opinion and progressive forces everywhere and bring to their side freedom advocates from the colonial society.

It is time to name things by their real names and to completely give up delusions. The reality in Palestine is a colonial, brutal occupation. The existing regime belongs to a dark, oppressive and long outmoded era. The struggle in Palestine is not a dispute about borders but rather a cause of national liberation from settler colonialism.

Consequently, confronting this reality requires unifying the Palestinian people, the militants and the intellectuals, the professional bodies, labor, student, youth, and women’s organizations, all should form together one front with the aim of toppling the settler colonial regime. The goal is to establish a single democratic state, based on the ruins of the system of racial privileges, in which everyone will live in full equality, all the current residents of the country and all those who were expelled from their homes in 1948 and 1967.

This vision provides a solution to the Palestinian national struggle based on freedom and humanism. Through it, we can unite the Palestinian people, build alliances in the democratic popular struggle in the Arab sphere, strengthen ties with civil society around the world and partner in the struggle, as well, with the freedom-loving Jews who oppose Zionism and colonialism.