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It required decades of international campaigning against global warming to force “the world’s leaders” to agree, tentatively, not to burn the earth. It is not a small achievement, if we remember their main project till recently was to amass the destructive power to make sure that nobody will survive a nuclear war. But if we are not intent of exploding the planet and not going to burn everything on it – then where is it going?

Bloody Borders

Donald Trump’s and Marine Le Pen’s racism are only the latest ugly expression of the growing effort to keep “foreigners” out from the heartland of “prosperous” or “developed” capitalist centers. But the real bloody work is done by the bureaucrats and repressive organs of the “respected” democratic states. The people that are drowning by


Dead children on the beach – the result of the policy of the “democratic” European states

the thousands in the Mediterranean, herded by Human traffickers, and made to march helplessly along Europe’s roads, could fly safely to their destination for a fraction of the money that they are forced to give to the gangsters.

All this torture and death are orchestrated in order to deter people from moving, running away from war and persecution or looking for better fortunes.

The backlash against the right of people to move around the world is stronger as moving around is becoming technically easier and an integral part of our culture and economy.

In an article on mobility and the world’s youth, from January 23, 2016, The Economist reports estimates by Michael Clemens of the Centre for Global Development, a think-tank, according to which “If all international borders were completely open, global GDP would double.” But they immediately conclude that “for political reasons, that is very unlikely to happen.”

That is to say nothing about the many other benefits of a world without borders…

One Humanity

As people are moving around – and they will continue to move around – it becomes harder to keep the world’s problems in one corner as somebody else’s business.

The latest health panics about Ebola and the Zika virus are just the latest proof that you can’t keep the world safe and healthy while so many people suffer from deprivation and neglect.

It is not a question of struggle about limited resources. As a result of latest technological developments, there are now more people suffering from obesity than from hunger. The main obstacle now for the development of the world economy is the “weak demand” – or the way capitalism is preventing most people from access to the fruits of development.


Terrorist attacks – it is becoming hard to keep all the problems in one side of a divided world…

With the current resources and better organization, with Human passion and a grain of universal justice, we can provide not only food but decent healthcare and education to everybody in this world.

The same goes for security. Just like disease can’t be confined to poor people in remote places, so does war and violence. The hysteria around the “terrorist danger” is just about this failure. France was bombing in the Middle East long before the terror attacks on Paris. But when the terrorist attacked in Paris they looked completely surprised and declared “now we are in war!”

We can do it

It is much easier and faster today to communicate with friends on the other side of the world than it was to connect with your relatives in the next village a century ago.

People are much more educated and have access to information.

New social movements are on the rise in many parts of the world and the destructive greedy rule of the oligarchs is more exposed than ever.

It is not only the climate change issue – we are winning many of the arguments. Even the new “fashion” of world millionaires that promise to give away most of their fortune for the common good is part of the new world vision.

It is one world, and we, the people of this world, can make it a good place to live in.

It is a hard battle but we are sailing the winds of progress. As we struggle against oppression we make the world order based on exploitation unsustainable. There is only this one way forward – one world where everybody can live free with dignity and full access to the world’s riches.