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I believe Netanyahu. I believe that his speech in the US congress was more about strategy than politics. Not that Israeli politicians have any reservations about spilling some blood on the eve of the elections as part of their propaganda – they all do. But the constant attempt to drive the US into war on Iran is the mainstay of Israeli policy since their disastrous success in initiating the war and occupation of Iraq in 2003.


What does Israel want?

Netanyahu is sincere in his desire to abort any possible agreement between the US and Iran. But he is lying about everything else. He doesn’t want a “good agreement” with Iran any more than he tries to make peace with the Palestinians. In both cases Israel’s strategy is eternal belligerence and hostilities until the other side will “internalize” his humiliation and accept his demise.

Netanyahu lies when he speaks about peace, or preventing a nuclear war. What he wants is to keep Israel as the only nuclear power in the Middle East. What Israel wants is to prevent the emergence of any deterrence, or “balance of terror”, which will force it to start negotiating seriously with the Palestinians and its Arab neighbors.

For Israel the threat of using nuclear weapons against the Arab people is not a theoretical “doom day” option but what enables it to daily stamp on the Human Rights of millions of Palestinians and systematically bomb its neighbors, performing all sorts of crimes against Humanity with full impunity.

The danger of nuclear annihilation is clear and aggravating

If you read the personal memories of Israel’s top leaders over the last half-decade, you learn that in several occasions Israel considered using nuclear weapons in the face of conventional conflict about its occupation and land-grab.

The Unite States is formally obliged, in the framework of its “strategic partnership” with Israel, to assure the “strategic superiority” of Israel over any coalition of regional countries. This was possible when the vast majority of the local population was poor and ignorant peasants, ruled by local US lackeys. The Arab society is changing very fast, and the lackeys can be kept in place only at an escalating price of spilling rivers of blood.

What Netanyahu demands now is not only that Iran will not have an atom bomb, but that it will not have the possibility to produce one. As knowledge can’t be restricted in our age, what he demands is to keep Iran (and the whole are) in a state of chaos. Hence the campaign of killing aimed at Iranian scientists. Hence the constant pressure for devastating sanctions and full scale war against Iran.

Israel’s conventional superiority is quickly eroding. In 1967 the Israeli army defeated 3 Arab armies in 6 days. In 2006 it failed to defeat the relatively small Hezbollah militia in 33 days of intense fighting. No wonder Israel militarist ideologues are openly adopting the “South Beirut” strategy of “flattening” residential area as deterrence. They used this criminal policy widely in Gaza last summer.

For many years Israel fought America’s wars, annihilating any progressive regime in the area. In 2003 Israel brought America to fight its war on Iraq, to ensure its strategic superiority. Now they want to drag the US into a much more dangerous war on Iran.

As the Zionist project is proving more and more hazardous, it is becoming more openly racist and aggressive. Decades of impunity have raised a leadership of reckless demagogues, upping their violence at every turn. Stretching their hand to the nuclear button is now, even more than before, just one step forward in their crazy logic.

Imperialism will not be able to rule the Middle East any more, but it leaves behind many murderously explosive traps. The most dangerous of them is a nuclear armed militarist regime, full of racist hatred and despise toward the people of the area. Zionism is the real danger that should be dismantled.