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Child Martyr Khalil Al-'Anati, shot dead by IDF soldiers in Al-Fawar refugee camp

Child Martyr Khalil Al-‘Anati, shot dead by IDF soldiers in Al-Fawar refugee camp

The Israeli occupation army shot dead today (Sunday, 10 August 2014) the boy Khalil Al-‘Anati in the Al-Fawar refugee camp in Al-Khalil (Hebron).
According to the family’s testimony, the eleven year old was standing at the door of his house when he was shot. He was brought by volunteers to the Al-Ahli hospital, still bleeding, but the doctors could not save his life. According to the doctors, as reported in the press, the bullet entered through his back and went out through his stomach…

Reuters, the news agency, reporting in Arabic, brought also the response of the Israeli occupation army. It claimed that there was “a violent riot” and that the soldiers “shot at the main inciters and identified a hit among them”!

This is another crime in the endless chain of Zionist crimes against the Palestinians, the original inhabitants of this land, who are expelled, dispossessed, occupied, exploited, oppressed, persecuted and slaughtered wherever they go.

No News

The continued Apartheid regime and the daily killings is possible not only because of the criminals who pull the trigger and those who send them, but also because of the denial mechanism within the Israeli civil society for which the murder of the child Khalil Al-‘Anati is not even a meaningful piece of news, no news at all.

Let’s see what was written today in Haaretz, the newspaper which praises itself for speaking in the name of Liberalism and Democracy in Israel. (Recently its owner even declared his paper’s position as “Left”.)

The death of the child Khalil didn’t receive a news item but showed twice in the short “breaking news”:



“12:40  Palestinian media sources: A 12 years old youth that was hurt this morning from shooting by IDF forces in Al-Fawar refugee camp in South Hebron died of his wounds.”

It is common practice in Israel that a soldier who dies in battle receives immediate promotion of his rank. Similarly, a child that is killed by the soldiers is “promoted” to the rank of “youth”. By the way, I re-read many Palestinian sources and all of them speak about Khalil as a child – “tifl” in Arabic.

Later Gili Cohen, the military correspondent, updates:


“15:04 “The IDF expressed grief over the death of a Palestinian in the confrontation in Al-Fawar in the South Hebron Mountain. The event will be investigated. (Gili Cohen)”

Luckily for Haaretz, in this time of war, there is also the “current updates” section for news that doesn’t deserve a special item. We can read there a small sub-title:


(In 4 words, marked yellow) “12 years old killed in the West Bank”

Later, in the “updates” section:



Partial translation:

“12:04 Palestinian news agency Maan reported that 12 year old was killed from IDF forces shooting in Al-Fawar refugee camp in South Hebron Mountain. According the report, IDF forces entered Al-Fawar for unknown reasons, a confrontation developed with local residents, which threw stones.

“Witnesses told that the youth, which didn’t take part in the confrontation, stood in front of his house when an IDF force opened fire toward him…

“IDF said in response that during activity in Al-Fawar a confrontation developed, during which an IDF force open fired from which a minor Palestinian was killed. The IDF is sorry for his death…”

This way Haaretz managed to maintain its readers’ peace of mind and to report the “incident” four times without mentioning the C word, A CHILD (or a BOY).

This hardship to tell the truth as it is, to report how the IDF is killing children, helps to make the killing itself much easier and more ubiquitous.

(This post was originally published in Hebrew).