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Children, tragic victims of Israeli aggression on Gaza: rights groups

Since the latest onslaught on the Palestinian people started I spend most of my time demonstrating, going to court to support the detainees from demonstrations and following the news which drive me mad…

What can you write that will knock the minds of people who close their eyes to the sight of burned kids and whose ears are deaf to the screaming of relatives who lost all their dear ones in the targeted mass killing of whole families by the most sophisticated western air force?

But, as I have the sickening privilege to read intensively the Zionist media, there are some things that I may better explain…

The Ultimate Goal

One of the best Zionist writers that I follow recently is Uri Misgav from Haaretz. At the beginning of the latest attack on Gaza he declared that Israel already failed, because it started a military operation without any conceived goal that can be achieved. But he failed to read the writing on the wall. The Israeli politicians had a very clear goal that the mob was chanting in all the “demonstrations” that prepared for the rampage: “Ma-vet la-a-ra-vim!” – “Death to the Arabs”.

When the Zionist mob gets out of control in the streets of Jerusalem – hunting the city’s cleaners and falafel sellers to beat and lynch – the Zionist law and order authorities and respectable media have a common phrase to hold them back: “Don’t take the law into your own hands”.

Israel is a Jewish Democracy and its politician should give their electorate what they want.

But it is not only electoral considerations and populism that make Israeli politicians complete to excel in propagating racist hatred and bath in the heroism of spilling Arab blood. It is the only real political plan in the country. While talking about political solutions, the Zionist still stick to their original goal: “A country without people to a people without a country”. They still systematically act in all legal and illegal means for ethnic cleansing in the Galilee and the Naqab as well as in Al-Quds and the rest of the West Bank. But expropriating the land doesn’t solve the Zionists main problem – the existence of the Palestinian people and their constant struggle to live as free people on their land. So they keep coming back to the ultimate solution: “Death to the Arabs!”Protesting Genocide in Gaza


Killing Time

General Schwarzkopf once said it is not worth the while to hold a bulldog if you don’t let it loose from time to time. For a long time Israel didn’t really needed a complete policy – it was pushing for a new attack until the rope was loosened to let her go after its victims. Then her master could hold it back for a nice profit for itself and throw a fat bone to the dog.

Till now, in all Israeli thinking about the politics behind the military rampage, the main task of the politicians and diplomats is to “buy time” for the military to act.

The Israeli generals and politicians are now looking to find how loose the rope is. Yesterday they bombed two UNRWA schools where Gaza families found shelter after they were expelled from their homes by previous bombings. Today they bombed another hospital, killing patients in their beds. They also successfully targeted a Palestinian ambulance, killing and wounding members of the medical team. The daily death toll in Gaza is now more than 100.

Of course, according to their military-technical potential, they could kill as many Palestinians as they like. But they need some justification, and they are somewhat afraid to be brought to justice for their war crimes. This was the logic behind the entrance of the ground forces into Gaza. Some spilling of Israeli blood and the need to protect their soldiers was the best justification for much wider massacres of the Palestinians. Now the fairy tales about the need to destroy Gaza “terror tunnels” is used to buy time for more killing spree.

The Brakes are Broken

Historically Zionism and Israel were used by the different imperialist forces to subdue the Arab national movement. Egypt’s president, Anwar Sadat, declared that 90% percent of the cards are in America’s hands – before throwing away any semblance of national independence and remaking his country into a colony.

At those times the break on Israel’s atrocities was the famous “anger of the Arab street” – the fear of imperialism that mass struggle aroused in solidarity with the Palestinians will put in danger their servile Arab regimes.

Now, after the Arab spring of 2011, the Arab anger is no more a frightening potential… Currently the war for democracy and freedom in the Arab world and the Middle East have so many hot fronts and so many internal contradictions that there is nobody to turn to.

The dearest strategic asset for the US – the Egyptian regime – is a special case. It used to be an authoritative regime that tried to have national and international respectability. Now it is a counter-revolution in the making, fighting the Egyptian people in the streets and competing with Israel in inciting against the Palestinians.

The western regimes and much of its media seem completely undisturbed to justify any war crimes on the side of Israel as “self defense”.

More than ever – we need the world’s people to make a stand and stop the killing.

Gaza Burning