Call for Acre Demo against evictions, Friday 25/4

Ramiya’s Friends Group

Calling to participate in the Acre demonstration

Against eviction if the family of Salwa Zeidan

On Friday 25/04/2014 at 13:00

66 years after the Nakba and the expulsion of the majority of Palestine’s inhabitants, the various governmental agencies continue to lay out plots to uproot the Arab residents from their land and homes in the Negev, the Triangle, the Galilee and the mixed cities.

Haja Um Ahmed, Salwa Zeidan, lives with her family for fifty years at their home in “Alborg” neighborhood – near the eastern gate of Old Acre. In these days “The Acre Development Authority” is trying to evict the family as part of a range of programs and measures to “Judaize” the old city of Acre… We have not forgotten how in 2008 city council members in Acre spoke openly and brazenly about the need to maintain a Jewish majority, what provoked the anger of the Palestinian Arabs of Acre and many others.

Ramiya’s Friends Group was formed several months ago to speak out against the plan to expel the people of the village of Ramiya from the land of their ancestors. The authorities want to grab this land to build a new Jewish neighborhood for expanding Karmiel as part of the “Development of the Galilee”, a code name for Judaization. The group organizes various activities to stop the racist policies to preserve the Jewish character of Karmiel, in support of the struggle for the right of Ramiya’s people to build and live in dignity as residents with full rights in the city.

Our struggle for Ramiya continues in support of the steadfast of its people in the most difficult conditions and despite repeated harassment against them on the part of the municipality of Karmiel. We know that the struggle against apartheid and ethnic cleansing is one struggle in all the places where Arab residents are persecuted and discriminated against in this country.

Therefore we invite the public to participate in a demonstration against the Judaization of Acre and against the dispossession of its Arab residents to be held on Friday, 25.4.2014, at 13:00. The demonstration will begin at one o’clock in the afternoon from near Um Ahmad’s home, near the eastern gate of Old Acre, after Friday’s prayers at the “Alborg” mosque nearby. We will march together towards the offices of “The Acre Development Authority” which is responsible for the eviction orders.

Ramiya’s Friends Group

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