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From Palestine… Here is the Syrian Revolution!

This invitation for the planned Palestinian demonstration, as part of the 31/5/2013 international day for solidarity with the Syrian Revolution, was published in the event’s page on Facebook. Considering the importance of the issue, I published it in Arabic and publish here a translation to English.

Global Campaign for Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution

Demonstration in occupied Jerusalem, Bab Al’Amud – Damascus Gate, Friday, May 31, 2013, 18:00

26 months have passed on the Syrian people’s revolution against the Assad regime and his gang. It came as an extension of the revolutions of freedom, dignity and social justice witnessed by the Arab world in the last two and a half years. The Syrian Revolution was launched as a civilian movement with demonstrations, meetings, dancing and singing circles, strikes and other different forms of peaceful expression. It succeeded to remain peaceful for months despite the criminality of the regime that did not hesitate to use the most powerful methods of repression and terror, from live ammunition to warplanes, including Scud missiles and cluster bombs, as well as looting, rape, arbitrary arrests and torture – which forced the Syrians revolutionaries to turn toward armed resistance. In spite of this, peaceful demonstrations still come out and the liberated areas are still teeming with activities and projects promoting the values ​​and goals of the revolution.

We are Palestinians men and women, brought together by our love for Syria, country and people, and our support for its revolution and its principles. We announce our convergence with this revolution. We salute the Syrian people for their heroic steadfastness and resistance to tyranny, until they will realize the objectives of their revolution with the downfall of the regime of Assad and his gang, and the transition to a regime under which they will enjoy freedom, social justice and independence of the national decision.

We firmly reject all forms of foreign intervention in Syria: Whether by the Arab regimes that didn’t fall in the revolutions, especially the Gulf states, which sought to derail the Syrians revolution, make it fail and control it; Or Iran and Russia, which promote their geopolitical interests in the region at the expense of the blood of the people and their rights; And the NATO countries, chattering a lot about support for the Syrian people, while standing by watching the collapse of the Syrian country and state, to ensure their interests and the interest of Israel.

We strongly condemn the practices of groups alien to the Syrian revolution, we don’t have to add on what the Syrian revolutionary public opinion says, in their condemnation. The revolutionaries, who chanted against Assad, are those who condemn any violations from the side of the opposition forces, political, military and civilian. We also support the Syrian people’s resistance, in the means that they find appropriate, whether peaceful or non-peaceful.

Palestine, which struggles during the last sixty-five years for liberation from the brutal occupation, can only be on the side of the revolution of its big sister, which came out to refuse dictatorship and fascism. The freedom of the Palestinian people from the occupation and their historic right to their land, homeland and the return of their refugees, and freedom of the Syrian people from tyranny and their right to justice, are two connected lines that can’t be separated. The prisons of the Assad regime are filled with detainees standing fast, who are not less heroic and patient than our prisoners in the prisons of the Zionist occupation.

If the fate of the Syrian people was that their country became center for the rivalry of sectarian sensitivities, regional accounts and international interests, this doesn’t diminish in any way the justice of their cause.

Because we believe in the revolution of the Syrian people and their choices, we announce our participation in the global campaign for its support and we will organize a demonstration on Friday, May 31, 2013 at six in the evening (18:00) in occupied Jerusalem in front of Bab Al’Amud – Damascus Gate. We call upon our freedom loving people to participate in this demonstration, raising the voice of rights and freedom.

Signed by: “From occupied Palestine … Here is the Syrian Revolution” Group.