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See you in Stuttgart

Why should well-wishing people outside of Palestine take a stand on the One State issue?

While the world is doing nothing to stop the daily massacre in Syria, we will be meeting tomorrow in Stuttgart, Germany, to convince a sympathetic audience of democratic activists to take a stand on the hardest of issues: Support the return of all Palestinians refugees and the formation of one democratic state in all of Palestine as a solution to the century long conflict that Zionist colonialism created.

It is not an easy task, especially here in Germany, where everyone that criticizes Israel is automatically persecuted as “Anti Semitist”. Many people in the German left find it hard to object to the Zionist “moral pressure” – How can you oppose the descendants of the victims of the Holocaust and undermine their demand to have their own safe haven?

This emotional blackmail is doubly wrong – on principle and in practice.

First of all, the moral lesson from the Holocaust should be the total rejection of all sorts of racism, no matter against whom it is applied. Zionism’s claims that the suffering of Jews in Europe entitles it somehow to the “right” to ethnic cleansing and maintaining a system of racist discrimination in Palestine is totally immoral. Justifying racism as it is applied against the Palestinian people can’t be anything else than what it is – ugly unacceptable racism.

On the practical level, Zionism is a late attempt to force a colonial system in a world where the oppressed nations can’t be subdued any more. Rather than building a safe haven for Jews, Zionism is selling its Jewish followers as canon powder for the wars of imperialist domination in the Middle East.  As imperialism abandoned the Shah of Iran and General Mubarak, they will abandon the Israeli adventure when it won’t serve their interests any more.

Dismantling the Israeli time bomb is the only way for justice as well as for averting disastrous wars for all the people involved.

It is not a complicated issue that should be left for experts or for the people involved to settle between them. If you are not for the right of return than you actively support ethnic cleansing, no matter under what pretext. What the ODS movement proposes is the simple implementation of the principles of Human Rights and democracy. As you will not accept anything less for yourself, you are not allowed to accept anything else for any other people.

The other argument against clear support for democracy for all in Palestine is the wish of many people in the solidarity movement to stay clear of the “political game”. But this leaves the political stage solely to the people that have their self-interests to promote – all those that profit and make career of oppression, occupation, war and exploitation. We have already seen what this kind of politics may produce – and had enough of it.

It is time that the good people will take full responsibility, speak out truth in the face of evil and gain the initiative to set things on the ground going in the right direction.