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As the Israeli war planes are throwing their American Bombs on Gaza, killing babies in their cradles, children in their playing yards, women and men of all ages wherever they might be – this is not the time to talk on Gaza… It is the time to act to stop this criminal assault.

This is a war that was started by two wicked devils, Netanyahu and Barak. As the bombs started to fall, all the Zionist leaders, from all parties, came running to congratulate their great leaders on opening this war, like a pack of wolves gathering on the stench of blood. Once again they prove, to anyone that still requires such a proof, that not only there is no left or conscientious Zionist, there is also no reasonable one.

The leaders of Zionist Apartheid decided to ignite the fire of war and flood Gaza with blood and destruction knowing that the progress of Arab Spring will make it harder for them to act in the future. Now Syria is locked in a deadly civil war and in Jordan the army and the king are still holding the line against the mass movement. They hope that Egypt is so stuck in economic trouble that it will not dare to anger the Americans by acting to save Gaza.

I thought that Netanyahu and Barak started the war on Gaza because of their frustration at not being allowed to attack Iran. But, as I read the Israeli papers, I learn that there is another option: That the war on Gaza is a general rehearsal to test the Arab and the World’s response… If they get off with this aggression and don’t pay the price, they are more likely to try for the big one and throw the whole region into a bloody global conflict.

We can stop them. The Arab spring brought to the center of the stage the sleeping giant – the Arab public. It is for the first time that the ability of the Arab masses to act and change in this new period is put to the test of a regional crisis…

If we hear today that the Hamas government in Gaza is calling for the Egyptians and the Arab League to finally lift the blockade of Gaza and open the border fully for people and merchandise, we learn that the wakeup call is overdue. How come that there is an elected Egyptian government and the blockade is still there? Is it the old regime that is still calling the shots in Cairo or is it an American dictate? It is time for the brave Egyptian people to put their house in order.

There is a lot that can be done on the Arab front. The whole position from Israel should be changed. It is not only the peace agreements of Egypt and Jordan that keeps the Israeli back while they kill the Palestinians. It is also the “Arab Peace Initiative”, adopted by the Arab League, which gives legitimacy to ethnic cleansing and tries to appease Israel instead of fighting to end Apartheid.

But the really effective pressure to stop this crazy war is probably the pressure on the United States and European countries that still support the aggression, militarily, politically and diplomatically. The imperialist powers gain hundreds of billions of dollars out of their hegemony over Arab oil, Arab markets, Arab financial assets and much more. They keep throwing some of these gains at Israel to keep its military machine working and greased with Arab blood. Only when the imperialist powers will know that by supporting Israeli aggression they will pay a high price in their interests all over the region they will make this bloody war stop.

It is not time to talk on Gaza – we should and we can act to stop the war!