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The Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, after failing to burn the whole region by dragging the imperialist powers into his “War On Iran”, has just called for a snap Knesset elections to be held on January 22, 2013. Nobody in Israel expects any good from these elections, except for Netanyahu himself that expects to ease his coalition’s internal problems. The issue of “peace” that used to be the great lie of Israeli politics will not even be mentioned.

The glorious Social “Tents” Movement that drew hundreds of thousands of Israelis to its demonstrations just a year ago will reveal that it didn’t only failed to gain any improvement in the government social policies, but it also failed to make any impact on the Israeli political map. Its youthful leader will have the dire choice between admitting the futility of the movement or joining as junior partners in the corrupt, anti-social Zionist faked “left”.

For the real left, which means the Palestinian Anti-Zionist left, the futility of the Knesset elections is no surprise.

In Palestine there are some 10 million people, living under the rule of Israeli Apartheid. About half of them are Palestinians. The real numbers are not available, as the distortion of statistics is part of the demographic war. Most of the Palestinians are denied the right to vote. There are more that 5 million Palestinians in the Diaspora. They were expelled from their homes in order to create the “Jewish Majority” that will give the Israeli state the false credentials as democracy. By denying their right of return the elected Israeli government decides their fate even more than it influences the current residents of Palestine.

We will not take part in this farce.  We will not participate with the Zionist occupiers in “democratically” deciding the fate of the occupied and expelled Palestinians. In the last Knesset elections, the majority of those Palestinians that have the right to vote boycotted the elections. For the Anti Zionist Jews in Palestine this is the call of consciousness – don’t participate with the people of Kiryat Arba with “democratically” deciding the fate of Al-Halil.

We will not be part of the elections until it will be based on the simple democratic principle: “One Man – One Vote”, until this principle will include all the women and men of Palestine, including all of its refugees.

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