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On Wednesday 15/8/2012, there was a meeting in Haifa about the proposition of the solution of one democratic state in Palestine. More than 20 activists from Haifa, Akka (Acre), Jdeideh, Al-Makr and Tel Aviv attended.

The call for the meeting came on the background of the “Munich Conference” (29/6 – 1/7/2012), which called for communication between all the supporters of this solution in order “to move to the stage of implementation”. The participants in this conference agreed that “it is necessary that the initiative for implementing this program comes from within Palestine”.

The meeting in Haifa discussed the history of the proposal for “one democratic state” and “one secular democratic state”. It continued to discuss the practical meaning of this perspective as a solution to the Palestinian cause and as a framework for the restoration of the Palestinian national rights, especially the return of the refugees and the displaced persons.

Many of the participants stressed the need to oppose Zionism and to pose a democratic alternative to it in different segments of the Arab and Jewish public. This should be done by cooperation with different forces and movements that may support this solution. In the struggle for the future one state, all those that may be citizens of this state should take part:  Residents of Palestine in the present and the past, refugees and displaced people, people from the 48 territories, from 67 and from the Palestinian Diaspora.

Many also expressed the necessity that the movement toward one democratic state will be complementary to all the other different national, democratic social and class struggles. The movement should be integrally connected to the resistance activity.

Many of the participants also stressed that any movement toward one state should be place in the context of struggle and liberation from all sorts and forms of oppression that stem from the Zionist regime. They expressed their refusal to any step that may open the way for normalization with the occupation or to legitimize the Zionist racist institutions.

At the end of the meeting the majority of the attendees agreed to continue to build communication with supporters of the democratic solution and to continue the dialogue about the meaning of this solution and how to work for its implementation on the ground. The activists from Tel Aviv will check the feasibility of holding a meeting there, with the participation of activists from different movement and from different schools of thought who support the one state solution. A temporary coordinating committee was formed.

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