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Dear Friends/Activists _________________

In this crucial period in the history of our region, full of developments and twists, it appears as if the Palestinian just cause has no prospect for a durable solution. With the continuation of the popular resistance against the occupation and all forms of ethnic
cleansing, racism and oppression, we regard it as necessary to promote a framework for a political solution based on democratic principles – the establishment of one democratic state on the historic land of Palestine. This solution ensures the return of Palestinian refugees, the end of occupation and the Apartheid system and provides for the rights and safety of all the inhabitants of historic Palestine.

Since 2007 several conferences and meetings have been held in support of the program of one democratic state in historic Palestine, including those in Madrid, Southampton, Haifa, Boston,  London, Dallas, Cambridge, Mass., Harvard, Stuttgart, and other locations.. We also held discussions on the internet, and as a result charters, declarations and basic principles were formulated. Since decades several books and articles have been published, arguing that the only option for comprehensive and just peace is this One Democratic State.

Many of us attended some of these conferences and were inspired by the discussion and the strength of the support to this program. These conferences were a good platform for exchanging views and experiences. After these constituent conferences, and the publicity that they gave to the idea, we now have to move to the stage of implementation, and it is necessary that the initiative for implementing this program
comes from within Palestine.

For this purpose a special meeting of activists supporting the solution of One Democratic State was held in Munich from 29/6 to 1/7/2012. We were aware that the participants are a small minority of the thousands of activists that support this solution. For this reason we agreed that our first task is communicating with all of them to facilitate their participation in the formulation of the proposed solution and the dialogue regarding the next steps toward its implementation. Thus, the participants in the Munich meeting requested us to coordinate communication with those concerned. It is our goal to convene, within one year, an inclusive comprehensive conference that will bring together as many supporters as possible of this solution from all different parties, movements and intellectual approaches (Please see the conference’s resolutions below).

Accordingly, we (Mazin & Yoav) initiate this communication with you as an activist, hoping that you will agree to share with us your opinions, and looking forward toward your participation in promoting this initiative. Specifically we would like to have your opinion and support concerning the initiation of working groups as they were proposed in the resolution below or in any other form. Would you be ready to join one of these working groups? What do you think of the prospect of a unified international conference to launch the movement for One Democratic State? Of course we are prepared to discuss these issues also over the phone or Skype.

We look forward to working with you for a peace based on justice, rights and equality.


Mazin Qumsiyeh, Tel 0598939532 mazin@qumsiyeh.org

Yoav Bar, Tel 0544790989 yoav.haifawi@gmail.com

Read the Political Declaration of the Munich Conference

Read this letter in Arabic

Read this letter in Hebrew

Decisions of the Munich conference for One Democratic State in historic Palestine, June 29-July 1, 2012

Resolution No. 1

The Munich Conference recommends that Mazin Qumsiyeh and Yoav bar will coordinate the communication with activists and groups from within and outside historic Palestine to build a comprehensive global movement for One Democratic State. They will issue initial report within a month.

Resolution No. 2

The Munich conference regards it as necessary to initiate the following working groups for promoting ODS:

  • A group for collecting and developing documents and publications that present the reasons for supporting ODS. These publications will be used to convince the world in what we know is justice and the way forward. This group will also produce messages and press releases as needed.
  • The communication group – to expand the network as fast as possible and to access various sectors of the public (Palestinians all over the world and Israelis at the beginning). Part of the mission of this group is to develop innovative ways to reach different communities (religious, political, social, educators, unions, etc).
  • Youth Group – as the youth is crucial for the future of the movement.
  • Activities Group – to coordinate influential activities that may change perceptions and promote the goal. Potential activities include actions such as boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) and direct campaigns in coordination with the committees of popular resistance on the ground.
  • Financial group – to raise money for our activities and propose to the entire group how to spend the money to serve our goals.
  • Legal Group – to handle legal issues, locally and globally, including the legal formulation of a proposal for a new constitution. It will explore options to challenge the legitimacy of the division of historic Palestine and the legitimacy of a State based on race or religion.

Resolution No. 3

The Munich Conference recommends the convening of an international conference to launch a comprehensive global movement for One Democratic State within one year.