When I started this “Free Haifa” blog, my good friend and comrade and influential Palestinian blogger “someone virtual” (وحد افتراضي) was the first to welcome me on the battle lines of virtual ideological struggle… But he cynically remarked that “Free Haifa” may be interpreted by some as “Haifa Balash” (Haifa for no Money). Actually when you Google “free Haifa” you may find as many free courses and trips as posts of my free political writings. So now the real name of this blog is clarified beyond doubt with the intelaka – launching – of its young Arabic twin-blog “FreeHaifaArabic.wordpress.com” – with its crystal clear name “Haifa elHura” – حيفا الحرة  – where the freedom part in the title can’t be disputed.

As this blog is written from within the movement that is waging the struggle for Free Palestine, no doubt that Arabic is the main language of this struggle. Still, to my great shame, it is easier for me to write in English.

But this is not the only reason why the English “Free Haifa” will continue to be my main blog, at least for some time to come. Being a complete “external” foreigner with European political education and at the same time a complete “internal” Palestinian militant taking integral part in the struggle from within Palestine and the Arab Palestinian community in Haifa, may give me some advantage in translating the political thinking of the Arab Revolution and the Palestinian struggle to the outside world. In the Palestinian and Arab movements itself, in Arabic, there are many writers that can simply write it much better.

So “Haifa elHura” will be mostly used to publish materials that are important to the struggle – much of it a result of collective effort. As I said, Arabic is the real thing in this struggle. Until you read it fluently enough, I may help you get the picture right in “Free Haifa”.