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Press Release

On the World Refugee Day

We Remind The World

That There Is No Alternative To The Right of Return

Today, 20/6/2012, was the World Refugee Day, a day declared by the United Nations to raise awareness for the plight of millions of refugees around the world.

We, as daughters and sons of the Palestinian people, do not need a special day to remember the refugees. Sixty-four years ago the Zionist gangs with fire and massacres, carried out mass ethnic cleansing, turning the majority of the people of Palestine into refugees. Since then, gradual ethnic cleansing continues without pause. Through policies of Judaization, uprooting Arab Palestinians from their land, building Jewish-exclusive settlements, land confiscation, house demolitions, and the seizure of the lands of the Bedouin Arab in the Naqab desert, ethnic cleansing is perpetuated by the Zionist state.

What we desperately need is to remind the world about the fate of the Palestinian refugees and that there is no alternative to the right of return. We should make it clear that any discussion about “the rights of the refugees” needs to acknowledge their return, without so would contribute to the crime of ethnic cleansing.

The Right of Return is an essential component of Palestinian national rights. This needs to be reaffirmed, since it has been forgotten after 20 years of the fake and senseless “peace process” through which imperialism and Zionism gave legitimacy to the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

In the context of the mass democratic movements in the Arab World and the Zionist entity celebrating its sixty four years of existence, the Israeli establishment maintains its racist policies by carrying out persecution against political asylum seekers and migrant workers from Africa. Such racist campaigns are reminiscent to the Zionist persecution of the Palestinian people. In such racist campaigns, writers, thinkers and politicians lead the way with incitement, the police protect the attacking mobs, the courts give them legal legitimacy, whilst innocents are jailed and deported.

 We are in solidarity with all victims of racism and with all the victims of Zionist racism in particular.

We remind the world that racism will not be tolerated and we must fight it, in all its forms, everywhere.

There is no return on the right of return!

“Herak Haifa”

Haifa, 20/6/2012


Additional comments by “Free Haifa”:

  • “Herak” as a form of political organization is a type of “popular committee” that is not representative but is based on volunteer initiative and activity. It became popular as part of the Arab Spring, when all established organizations couldn’t catch up with the events and direct mass action acquired a prominent role in bringing political change.
  • The word “Herak” (حراك) is a new twist to the Arabic word حركة – movement.
  • “Herak Haifa” was initiated after the mass Hunger Strike of Palestinian prisoners (17/4 – 14/5/2012), as a result of the experience of “The Popular Initiative for Solidarity with the Freedom Prisoners”. It is still to define its goals and means of struggle. The “world refugee day” press release is its first public declaration.
  • Pogroms against African refugees in Tel Aviv became a fashion lately, just as a harsh policy of mass detentions and deportations is implemented by the Israeli government, as can be seen from the following links: