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It was a long day… We started at 12:30 near the military prison at Mejido – near the destroyed village of Lajoun. At 13:30 we had a vigil on the entrance of Um Al-Fahm. From there we continued to ‘Ara, where we visited the family of Karim Yunes, which is already 30 years in Jail… At 16:00 we held another vigil on the “Ras ‘Amer” junction between Al-Taibeh and Al-Tira. At 17:30 we were in front of the Ramleh prison hospital, where the hunger strikers are held.
The hard core was some 15 demonstrators, with some locals joining at every junction.But the many drivers and passengers that made the “V” sign or blew their horns was heartening. Some workers even stopped their car in the middle of the Majido junction and joined us for a few minutes to be photographed with the Palestinian flag.
The vigil in front of the Ramleh prison hospital was the most significant. Not only because of the symbolic location, just near where Mahmoud Sarsak and Akram Rikhawi are left to die. Not only because of the hope that some of the prisoners in the hospital could hear our supporting chants. It came after a previous demonstration that was very brutally oppressed and many people where simply afraid to join us. The support of our brave comrades from Scotland came just at the right time. We proved that our word of solidarity with the prisoners will not be silenced.
Many Thanks to everybody that took part!

We continue to call on all freedom loving people to raise their voice for Sarsak and Rikhawi – for Free Palestine and for a Better World.


A protest was held today outside Ramle prison where Palestinian footballer Mahmoud Sarsak, on his 82nd day of hunger strike, remains imprisoned without charge. Activists from Haifa and Jaffa were joined by students from the We Are All Hana Shalabi campaign in Scotland as they demanded Sarsak’s immediate release from jail and freedom for all Palestinian prisoners held in the occupation jails. Around 50 protestor gathered outside the prison with pictures of Sarsak, chanting for his release.

Sarsak, a member of the Palestinian national soccer team, was arrested in July 2009 and has since been branded an ‘illegal combatant’ by Israel’s military judicial system and imprisoned without charge or trial. He has experienced extreme weight loss, frequently loses consciousness, suffers memory lapses and is at risk of life-threatening pulse disruptions. Sarsak is at immediate risk of death according to a doctor from Physicians for Human Rights who was able to…

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