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It was a winter night, 03:45am, and I was going fast on the Wadi Milek highway north, crossing a small forest, when I saw a Jackal trying to cross the road just in front of me. I was fully alert, so I slowed the car to let him cross safely. But then, when he was caught in the flushing light of the car, he forgot all about crossing the road and turned head-on to meet the commanding approaching mass. He was fascinated by the light, and as he lost control of his free will he met his inevitable death.

For a long time now, as we are all approaching the next Middle East war, I feel that we, the future victims of this war, are very much like this poor jackal. We are fascinated by the big thing that is coming just in front of us. It controls our minds, so we can’t think of running away. By controlling the agenda, the approaching war is making the disaster inevitable.

Does this mean that I believe Israel is really going to attack Iran? I don’t know. As a civilian leaving in the designated firing zone of the next planned war, I have no idea what is in the mind of the ruling military clique. All I know is that the generals who are preparing for the war are only counting their fire-power, their planes and missiles. For them the civilians that might be caught in the cross-fire are just a nuisance. All they need to win the war is shut them up or ignore them.

No wonder that most of the people that came out lately in Israel against attack on Iran are those military types that used to sit with their hands on the trigger. In 2006 Israel attacked Lebanon, destroying much of Southern Lebanon and some of Beirut, and Haifa endured 30 days of shelling by Hezbollah. The Israeli press, describing the politics of the war, was saying that Israel is begging for more time to continue the war. We learned that Haifa was a marginal periphery that can be ignored. Now that Tel Aviv is in the designated firing-zone too, some of the top brass are not sure how wise it should be to get a try…

But the failure to resist the approaching war is not only on the side of its powerless victims. Netanyahu, at the head of the Israeli leadership, is clearly going out half-drank, tearing away his shirt and shouting out aloud, determined to show the whole neighborhood who is the real man. In our neighborhoods we know such hot-heads. They have something to prove, and they might be dangerous. But people here know also how to put down a nasty fight. It is up to the good friends of the run-away bully to embrace him, calm him down and carry him home. Later he would be able to tell everybody how he could have “showed them” if he was not dragged back by his friends. Instead the imperialist friends of Netanyahu are doing him bad service by encouraging him to keep on threatening, and push a shove of themselves at Iran. With such friends things can easily get out of control.

But the real thing is not the war on Iran. The war on Iran is only a prelude – because what is the issue at stake? The point that Israel and its imperialist friends are out to make is that Israel should keep its position as the only country with nuclear weapons in the region. What they want to make clear is that Israel has the right and the capability to kill tens of millions of Arabs in order to “defend itself”. But, as Israel was established by the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, actually the nuclear deterrent of Israel is the ultimate separation wall that is designed to prevent the Palestinians from coming back to their homes. Many top Israeli politicians described in their memories how close they were to using the doom-day option in previous wars.

So, what is really hard to grasp, is how some Arab regimes are joining the anti-Iran camp, defending the right of Israel to burn the Arab World.