This blog is mostly about analysis and taking positions, assuming that you, dear readers, are all well informed, stuffed with all the necessary information from the mass media and the not-less-mass social media. But, as it happens, there is this piece of exclusive information that I wanted to share with you…

As you might know, in the beginning of the 20th century, Comrade Lenin was in exile in Western Europe, the working class in Tsarist Russia was having a hard time working in miserable conditions, the peasants were ignorant and not much better off than in the days of slavery and anyone that tried to organize to improve conditions was persecuted. So Lenin had a plan, and in his 1902 book “What is to be done?” he recommended the publication of a revolutionary paper that will galvanize the political consciousness of the Russian workers and peasants and develop it from their daily suffering and struggle into a movement that will topple the tyranny and create a new socialist state and society.

15 years later, after the bloodbath of the First World War exposed the systematic failure of Tsarist regime, and after mass mobilization to the Tsar’s army uprooted millions of poor peasants and workers and forged them into an angry mass that is ready to eat anything that comes in its way, there were already enough people around that had the plan of action clear and ready in their minds to make the 1917 Great Russian Revolution.

What you don’t know is that Lenin spent many years later in far away exile in Heaven, which is even more remote than Western Europe, and where communication problems prevented him even from that influence that you could exercise from exile on the development of the movement. But he had the opportunity to team up with older revolutionaries like Jesus and Mohammad, which had their ways to keep up the lines of communication…

As they were following events on the ground, things started to look real bad again. They didn’t mind so much the fall of the Soviet Union in 1990, as it was all corrupt and stuck up, but uni-polar imperialism was driving the masses in the 3rd world to the verge of mass hunger.

The worst and most hopeless of all was the situation of the masses in the Arab world. Imperialism was sucking up all the Oil profits, while even that money that was going to local government was transferred for investment in the imperialist states and not in local development. The Zionist-Imperialist alliance was securing military superiority and threatening with harsh consequences any attempt to form local liberation movements. All local regimes served thin local elites, impoverishing and marginalizing the workers and peasants and shutting up any dissent. Even the Palestinian people, which revolted against this situation and their constant role as refugees and the utmost victims, seemed to give up their dream of freedom in the Oslo Agreement of 1993.

So Lenin had an idea: Why not start channel-TV that will break the states’ monopoly on information and make people all over the Arab world discuss their plight and challenge the ruling system?

In the 1st of November 1996 Al-Jazzera started broadcasting news, reportage and discussions that stirred the Arab society. People began to watch, ask questions and discuss everything that was unchallenged before. 15 years later the Arab Spring started and the rest is history (still in the making)…