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Message from the general secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

In the ten years anniversary to his and his comrades’ imprisonment

Sent from his insulation in the desert Nafha prison

Dear ones,

I salute you and through you I salute the masses of our people in their steadfast, wherever they are, in the Homeland and in the Diaspora.

I salute the martyrs of our people, from the consecutive stations of our peoples’ struggle, which paid with their blood and their lives to defend the land, the people and the national cause…

I salute the prisoners of freedom, men and women, in the Zionist prisons and detention centers, and everywhere around the globe where people struggle for freedom, confronting injustice, oppression and tyranny…

I salute all of them and we promise them together that we will stay on the path of struggle until the achievement of the goals for which they sacrified or fell as martyrs or were imprisoned…

Dear ones,

Unfortunately we gather today to commemorate an occasion that is directly connected to the policy of detention and the security coordination and the submission to the Israeli and American dictates. This policy constitutes breaching of all the principles and ethics of patriotic struggle and damage the legitimacy of the resistance. Tens of militants paid the price of this policy with their freedom, spending long years in the occupation’s prisons without end in sight.

Our meeting here is a call, or rather a cry, to stop political detention on charges of political affiliation or resistance to the occupation. This call is especially relevant as this policy continues and expands its scope on the background of the divisions and it takes new dimensions under a variety of names. It is a call to stop all violations of the freedom and rights of the Palestinian citizens and of democracy in all its expressions. It is a call to put an end to the division, to translate to reality all the agreements and understandings for reaching reconciliation and to break the cycle of fragmentation and the undemocratic conflict. Conciliation will open the door and lay the base for reconstruction and reordering of the internal Palestinian house. It will be based on patriotic and democratic principles, using the tools of direct elections based on full proportional representation to all institutions. Particularly to the Palestine Liberation Organizations as framework for the unity of our people and our patriotic struggle – so that it will express all shades and political and social expressions of our people.

Conciliation will produce reconstruction and redesign of the patriotic political program for managing the conflict between our people and the occupation. This program will resume the priority and the consideration of our main and central struggle with the occupation. This program will take us out of the circle of futile negotiations under whatever name they come (exploratory, removal of excuses, etc.). Nobody disputes the fact that these negotiations lack any balanced reference, based on the resolutions of international legitimacy, as nobody can deny that they failed, reached a dead end and even constitute a cover for the crimes of the occupation against the people, the land and the holy places.

Our alternative is a program based on the resistance and the confidence in the ability of our people to achieve victory. It will concentrate in its political and diplomatic struggle on transferring the case to the United Nations and taking its resolutions as reference. It will lay the responsibility on the international community to place the occupation state under the international law, not above it, and force it to implement the resolutions of the international legitimacy, which respond to the national rights of our people, primarily the right of return, self determination and the establishment of the independent state with El-Quds as it capital.

Finally this is a call to support the struggle of the prisoners for the defense of the achievements of their struggle and their just demands and human rights. A call to intensify and concentrate the efforts to internationalize the cause of the prisoners and the resumption of recognition of their political and legal status as prisoners of war according to the international law and the 3rd and 4th Geneva conventions and their protection as part of the protection of our whole people.

In conclusion, I salute you and I assure you, and together with you, that our road is full of challenges, and that our masses are capable, with steadfastness and resistance, to achieve victory. Our ability to utilize the Arab revolutions and regional and international changes is dependant on the achievement of our national unity…

Glory to the martyrs!

Freedom to the Prisoners!

Dignity to our People!

We are definitely the Victors!