It took some time till I found the original text sent by Ahmad Sa’adat, the secretary general of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, to the Muharajan that was held in Ramallah to mark the 10th anniversary of his and his comrades’ imprisonment. It took even more time till I translated it, and sent it to some comrades for comments… As I was waiting, I found that another translation was already published in the official site of the PFLP:


Still, I wanted to publish my translation, if only because it is as good opportunity as any to remember Sa’adat (and all Palestinian freedom fighters) in his prison and to listen again to his words.

In these days, when the war of words is one of the hottest fronts in the real burning revolutionary war, with so many people sacrificing their lives daily in the struggle for liberty, I think that what comrade Sa’adat said in the last words of his message is very important: “Our ability to utilize the Arab revolutions and regional and international changes is dependant on the achievement of our national unity”. The view to the Arab revolutions as an opportunity the should be utilized for promoting the Palestinian cause is a return to the basics of revolutionary vision, and an important refute to the position of many lost leftists that sees no popular revolutions, only foreign conspiracy. Some of this clarity was lost in the other translation, and this is the other reason why I decided to publish this new version.


Finally, for more about the Muharajan itself, in which this message was read, you may go to an older post in “Free Haifa”: