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It is already 60 days that Khader Adnan is on Hunger Strike. With all the other burning issues around, it took us more than fifty days to start the solidarity campaign seriously. But now there were already two demonstrations in Haifa, on Saturday 11/2 and yesterday (Tuesday 14/2). And today those of us that are “lucky” to have no proper work, and whoever could take a day off, went to Safad in the northern Galilee Mountains to demonstrate in front of the Ziv Hospital where Khader is kept chained to a bed.

It was important because we knew that our message of support and solidarity went right through to Khader. There were very emotional moments when his father, his wife and his young daughter joined the demonstration. Arab patients that met him while having treatment in the hospital spoke of his resolve and high morale.

But the truth is that the goal for this struggle, on our side, is to save the lives Khader Adnan. And to do this we need the Israeli occupation rulers to abolish his administrative detention. Here we have a problem. Israel doesn’t give a damn to Palestinian public opinion or to the opinion of Human Rights proponents, or to anyone that tries to preach conciliation on them.

In fact in the racist Israeli public opinion being harsh on the Palestinians is the Joker winning card for every politician. Even pretending to think that Palestinians have rights is a pariah.

But it is not only the racist instincts that make Israel deaf to any plea of humanity, or logic, or conciliation. Khader Adnan is special in his Hunger Strike, but he is not special in any way in his status as political prisoner under Administrative Detention. Knowing that you were arrested without charge, with no way to defend yourself in court, with detention warrants that can be renewed indefinitely, people under administrative detention suffer extreme stress and frustration. If Khader Adnan will be freed, so goes the Israeli logic, hundreds of detainees may follow his example and struggle to be freed.

It is the same logic that guides the Israeli racist regime always in one direction only: toward more extreme oppression and belligerence. When there is no struggle, they have no reason to give concessions. When there is a struggle, giving concessions is just the receipt for inspiring more struggle to follow. In the end the Israeli colonialist project is navigating with its steering wheel stuck to the right. It is heading to the wall with no self correction mechanisms.

In this sense Israel is the anchor of the political impasse that jeopardized the Arab region under different autocratic regimes. Arab rulers tended to stick to their privileges and couldn’t let loose their grip of power unless the people will get rid of them. The need to keep Israeli superiority led the Western Imperialist Powers to oppose Arab democracy, even while dictatorships went out of fashion in the rest of the world. When the stress of oppression led to fatigue, all the rulers could do is steal more and eat fast to get some feeling of strength. The recent history proves that this accumulation of contradictions with no let-out could lead to popular revolutions toppling the eternal rulers…

This Israeli policy of showing no mercy, no hesitation, always using more excessive force, is not only putting in immediate danger the life of Khader Adnan – it is driving the whole region toward the next Big War. They will not let any refugee to return to his home because they know that millions are waiting for their right of return. According to the strategy of the Israel regime, the hope of the Palestinians that they may one day have their rights back is Israel’s worst enemy. And it is not only Palestinians’ hope that constitutes a danger to Israel. It is also the hope of the Arab people to be free, united, sovereign…

As stated so many times by Israeli military leadership, it is not enough for them to make sure that Iran will not have nuclear weapons. What they demand is to make sure that it doesn’t have the capability to have them. So, in order to keep Israeli superiority over 300 million Arabs and some extra millions of Iranians and Turks in the region, the people of the region should be kept not only hopeless but disabled and retarded. It is a big toll and now Khader Adnan is in the first line of fire. Certainly Israel can’t give up. The next step is to blow the region altogether. SOS.