My bloging friends warned me before I started this blog: Having a blog requires high level of commitment and responsibility. You should lay a program and systematically work by it. It is not like that you just have a place to write to when you are bored. It is almost like adopting a dog – you should take him for is daily trip – no matter how busy you may be.

So I decided to post at least once a week, just to keep the blog from scratching my door. But before the first honeymoon month is over, I failed to stand by my promise. We were working to organize the Haifa demonstration in support of the Syrian revolution. Just as the initial decision to hold the demo on Wednesday 8/2/12 was taken (in an open activists meeting on Friday 3/2) the regime scaled up his attacks and started with full scale shelling of Homs’ residential areas. The event became a major political event, drawing in many activists and groups that didn’t even know of the initial initiative.

I’m used to take part in organizing events, much more than in writing about them. So the blog was an easy innocent victim of this intensified activity. Now that the demo is over, it may at least enjoy the urge to publish about the demonstration and get its share of the action.