It is a shame that I have to write why I support the Syrian people. It is a pity that people that dedicated their lives for the struggle for liberty and justice find themselves supporting a bloody corrupt dictatorship against the heroic struggle of the oppressed people. All that I would like to do, all that I was doing through long days and nights, is to watch Al-Jazeera during daytime and free-lance videos at late night, admiring the Syrian people and praying for their imminent victory.

The example of the Syrian people is not simply a new leaf in the long book, written in blood, of the world peoples’ struggle for liberty. It actually tears to pieces much of the lessons learnt over the years. We learnt over the years that the conditions for a “revolutionary situation” start with the disability of the regime to carry on governing. The readiness of the people to topple it and build a new system comes only later. But the Syrian people started a revolution against a regime that showed no sign of softening or giving up. The geopolitical situation prevents any substantial aid from outside. If they have gone as far as they already did, it is by the pure might of their dedication and sacrifice. As far as we can see now, they start to look like winning the revolution and gaining their liberty against all odds. It is for all of us, all those who aspire to change the world to be a better place for people, to open our eyes, minds and hearts and learn from the Syrian revolution.

There is a sea of slander that is spread by supporters of the “Assad Family & CO Ltd” regime. There is no need to counter endless shameless lies. They will all evaporate with the regime itself. But the most outrageous slander is posing the defense of the regime as standing for “patriotism”, “Arab nationalism” or “anti-imperialism”. Saying so is questioning the patriotism of the Syrian people… Worse, it is distorting the very meaning of patriotism, as if you can defend the Homeland by slaying its people. Syria will be strong with the strength of its free people. People can’t defend their country properly if they are oppressed, educated to ignorance, afraid to speak openly, accept being poor while their masters steal the food from their children, terrorized, imprisoned or dead.

Some Palestinians are so used to be the permanent victims of any new stage in the Middle East history, that they are afraid from the fall of the Assad dynasty… Simple logic says just the opposite – the Palestinian people have no place in the Status Quo. They have the most to win from real change. For 64 years the Imperialist-Zionist hegemony was guarded by the prison guards that oppressed the Arab people for their small self interest. The only real ally of the Palestinian just cause is the Arab people. The Arab revolution is putting, for the first time, those Arab people in the center of the political stage. These are really good news, preparing the conditions to overcome the destitution of the Palestinian people.

Since the division of the Arab world by imperialism, all local rulers strive by defending the Status Quo in order to keep their own piece of cake for themselves. The Assad regime intervened in Lebanon in 1976 to prevent a revolutionary Lebanese-Palestinian alliance from winning the civil war and saved the Lebanese sectarian regime. It supervised the Tel Al-Za’atar massacre to drive the point home. For anti-imperialism’s sake, the Assad regime sent its troops to serve under US command in the first Gulf War against Iraq in 1991. A regime that sees (and rightly so) its own people as the only real threat to its vital interests will never be able to really mobilize those same people against imperialism.

But the real issue is not obscure geo-political considerations. It is the undisputed right of the Syrian people to live in freedom, to be safe from massacre, arrests and torture, to determine their destiny and build their country and society for their mutual benefit. Just watch the masses singing and dancing in the street as the Tanks and snipers are approaching. Just hear the popular singers ever inventing more songs for the revolution, spelling out the dreams of the masses, always in good humor, always one step forward of the events. If anybody in this world deserves liberty, the Syrian people should have it now. Just imagine that Syria will be free tomorrow morning.