A good friend used to work night shifts typing and sticking everything in place for printing in the local communist newspaper. She told me the following story, which should be all pure truth.

One late night, everything in the paper was almost ready to go to print, when the night editor got a telephone call from some comrades, announcing the death of an old relative. He wrote the traditional obituary on a piece of paper… but he was not sure how the work is going, and didn’t want to cause too much disruption, so he added a small comment at the bottom of the page: “if free space is available”.

The professional team was working fast, and knew the importance of the publication of the obituary both to the bereaved family and to the papers finances, so they moved some things around to make the space available.

The next morning the paper was distributed announcing the death of the beloved old man and expressing the wishes of his family that he will rest for ever in paradise “if free space is available”.